New trends in press advertising 2021. How to promote your business.

Every year it is getting more and more difficult to reach out to a potential client, attract attention and build trusting, partnership relations. The attention of the audience, like a sea wave, rolls in and out. If you fail to grasp and hold this interest, then it will fade away as quickly as it arose.

The tools implemented before suddenly turn out to be less effective. Therefore, it is very important not only to generate interest, but also to fuel it constantly.

Our mission, as a leading international publication in the maritime and transport industry, is to help our partners and advertisers achieve their goals in the development and scaling of their business.

In 2021, PR will play an important role in setting up communication with the target audience. Advertising and PR will go hand in hand also this year.

In 2012 the PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) settled the following definition of PR:

"PR is a strategic communication process that aims to build mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and the public."


Commercial PR (CPR) is a promotion of an entrepreneur's business product, "promotion" of a brand.

For example, Ferrari continues to assemble the car manually, working on improving its design, which allows it to win the most prestigious races in the world. The Ferrari brand has become a symbol of luxury, safety, quality and comfort.

Advertising is a form of marketing and is aimed at increasing brand or product awareness, increasing sales and customer profits.

PR acts more subtly, shaping not demand, but a positive image of the company, on the basis of which the interest of both consumers and partners is subsequently built.

How to tell a wide audience about your product or service?

Why are the names of some companies constantly heard, they are talked about, while others are not known to the potential audience? The answer is obscenely simple: the leadership of the first understands the importance of PR and takes certain steps in this direction.

Working with the media and media platforms is one of the main strategies of promoting a brand, product, service.

We should mention a number of steps that need to be taken to increase the effectiveness of an advertising campaign:

1. Determine the target audience to which the advertising company is directed
2. Determine the format in which the advertising content will be delivered. This can be a press release, interview, article, mention with a link. The perception of information by your target audience depends on this.
3. Determine the form of submitting the information.


Why you need expert content

Expert content is interesting, useful and defines the “weak site” of the client. He creates an image of a professional who can be trusted, whose recommendations can be followed. It demonstrates the author's competence, transfers his knowledge, experience to readers and forms the image of a highly qualified specialist in his field through the regular publication of information useful to the audience.

Expert content will attract attention of the following groups:

• Clients who are ready to cooperate right now;

• an Skepticism Curiosity Need Blur Oblivionaudience that is only looking closely and in the future can become a client;

• Colleagues from related fields;

• Beginners and students;

• Direct competitors.

Comments on materials and reviews of representatives of each of the named segments, recommendations from you as a professional can have a positive impact on the brand's reputation and increase the level of sales.

What tasks does expert content solve?

Nowadays, the trends towards the use of content close to native advertising persist.


Distracted attention is a disease of our time. According to analysts, a person consumes 34 GB of information per day and ignores everything that is not of his/her interest. Humans have a kind of filter which does not allow annoying, redundant, useless information to pass through. But people still want to get new knowledge. Therefore, the expertise and quality of content are the keys that open human filters.


It is important to remember that the Client is looking for and analyzing information before deciding on cooperation. It often takes a long time. He uses information not only from you, but also from competitors, draws it from various independent sources. And you have the only chance to convince the Client to cooperate with you by providing him with more convincing "selling information" than the information of competitors.



Конкуренты Competitors

Ваша фирма Your company


Независимые источники Independent sources (для графика надписи)


IMPORTANT!! You are not selling a product, you are educating people! (But in the process, it is quite possible to convey to the audience and the advertising message)

1.    The cost of goods and services offered by different companies can vary significantly. Your client does not always understand why prices differ. With the help of expert content, you convey the benefits of cooperation with your company, show your uniqueness. And it is more convenient to do this by demonstrating your success story, successful cases. By showing the value of your product, expert content allows you to increase its value and avoid dumping. By reading your cases and articles. Clients begin to understand the rationale for the price. In addition, it is more convenient to promote technically complex goods and services with the help of expert articles.

2. Expert content allows you to gain a foothold in the client's head, to form a chain “product-expert-company”.

3. Articles and interviews with experts are indispensable for building a strong HR brand. A company with good expertise is more willing to work. Strong specialists come to a strong company, and the team becomes stronger and more professional.

Expert content isn't just about articles or interviews. The most popular formats of expert content: presentation, webinar, article, case study, infographics, research.

IMPORTANT!! Ensure continuous content distribution

Expert Advisor Popularity Graph

Expert Advisor.jpg



Внимание Attention

Время Time


Скепсис Skepticism

Любопытство Curiosity

Потребность Need

Размытие Blur

Забвение Oblivion (надписи из графика)

The graph shows that in order to keep the attention of the target audience at the peak, it is necessary to feed it regularly with new information.

Distribution of expert content

The distribution of expert content is not limited with publication of interviews and articles, but also includes direct training of the audience:

- speaking at conferences, round tables;

- holding seminars, webinars;

- publication of articles, interviews, cases;

- posting materials on social networks.

The international magazine Shipping and MediaCompass are always happy to help our partners in promoting and scaling their business.

We are ready to organize any events (conferences, webinars, round tables), post your information on the shipping website and social networks, publish expert articles, interviews, cases in the shipping magazine (print and electronic version).